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Alternatives Vorlesungsverzeichnis (alv)    

Alternative course catalogue (alv)

The alternative course catalogue (alv) was started during the student strike in 1997/98. The goal has been and remains to broaden the classical educational offer of the university, as an attempt to make it a place of self-determined learning and teaching. The alv is an open project - new people with new ideas are welcome and that has an impact on the program. Lots of events deal with the topics of racism and right-wing extremism.

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Amnesty International Hochschulgruppe    

Amnesty International student group

The Amnesty International student group organizes events about human rights issues: lectures, film screenings, a regular radio show, flea markets, and many more. The students group meets on Thursdays 8pm at the conference room of the “Reformhaus” (health food store) at Große Klausstraße 11 and is pleased about new people, who want to participate.

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eMERgency in cinema

eMERgency in cinema

Ethical and legal issues are important topics in clinical practice and medical research. Medical developments and the resulting contexts, in synergy with ethics and law, have an influence on society as a whole. The film series takes the representation of those issues in the context of medicine into account. The screenings take place in cooperation with experts and practitioners and come with an introduction and a subsequent discussion.

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Veranstaltungsreihe Feminismen    


The event series “feminisms” started in the winter semester 2018/19 and is organized by an informal union of different initiatives of university: the working group of critical lawyers, Halle postcolonial, critical political science, the feminist reading circle and the initiative new plural economics. The initiators describe their concerns as follows: Feminisms? Yes, because there is not such ONE feminism. Even in feminist theories various approaches and positions can be found, which we want to make visible by the event series through workshops and lectures. Originating from the rare thematization within the more formal university-based context and the relevance for our personal action practice we share the desire, to open up spaces for immersing debates and discussion.

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§%%§%%§%%de%##%##%##Forum Legal Gender Studies

Panel Legal Gender Studies

The panel Legal Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary event series that started in the winter semester of 2015/16 in the department of law. As an initiative of students and employees, the initiators are concerned to consider the proportion of law and gender relations from various academic perspectives.

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Initiative Neue Plurale Ökonimik

Initiative neue plurale Ökonomik (initiative new plural economics)

The interdisciplinary student initiative set itself the task to create an educational offer through self-organized lectures, which meet the requirements of plurality in economic teaching. By this, they intend to stimulate a further debate on the monotony of economic teaching and to provide a platform to discuss various theories as well as current economic events. Because they also want to live the plurality they demand, they explicitly appeal against dogmatism and Group-Focussed Enmity and deal with questions of social inequality.

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Kritische Einführungswochen    

Kritische Einführungswochen (Critical introductory weeks)

The critical introductory weeks are an informal union of student working groups and left-wing initiatives, who want to give new and old students the possibility to exchange views on political and socially critical issues. It is about university aspects such as the structure of degree courses or contents of teaching, as well as socio-political topics. They provide events on current political debates and local issues - at university and all over the town. The program raises awareness for the diversity of social grievances, creates space for discussions and demonstrates possibilities of engagement.

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Macht*Gender*Wissen (Power*Gender*Knowledge)

The lecture series is part of the MLU project gender*bildet (gender*educates). Gender and gender studies are increasingly discussed outside of university. Populist neoliberal and right-wing-conservative debates try to defame them as ideologies. However, gender studies are understood as an epistemological and interdisciplinary science critique that questions the apparent implicitness of social relations. It should be discussed how populist debates can be interpreted by means of power analytic methods of gender & queer studies. Furthermore, it is about the interdependence between gender and university as well as science and education in current and historical contexts.

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Kritische Jurist_innen: Recht im Kontext    

Kritische Jurist_innen: Recht im Kontext (critical lawyers: law in context)

The open, democratically organized group established by law students has a critical look at jurisprudence, legal sciences and law in the social and political context. The critical engagement happens through discussions, lectures, workshops, reading law critical texts together, visits of conferences and congresses as well as the observation of lawsuits and demonstrations.

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Since winter semester 2008/2009, the interdisciplinary lecture series “que(e)r einsteigen” in the subject area of Queer Studies is organized by students from many different fields,  as well as movies, workshops and parties.

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In Saxony-Anhalt

Gendercampus Sachsen-Anhalt    

Gender Campus Saxony-Anhalt

The online platform Gender Campus provides information on events and activities in Saxony-Anhalt, which deal with the topics of diversity, equal opportunities, antiracism, Gender Democracy, gender research and feminism.

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