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Rechtsgutachten zum Verständnis von  „Varianten der Geschlechtsentwicklung“ in § 45b Personenstandsgesetz
Gutachten_Personenstandsgesetz_Mangold et al._2019.pdf (390.4 KB)  vom 30.01.2020

Kurzgutachten zum rechtlichen Spielraum der Hochschulen  bei der Verwendung des gewählten Namens inter- und transgeschlechtlicher Studierender im Vorfeld der amtlichen Namensänderung
Kurzgutachte_Lembke_2019.pdf (541.9 KB)  vom 30.01.2020

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Trans* at the university

Early name change and change of personal status

Trans* students can already change their name and personal status before the official name change and change of personal status according to the transsexual act (TSG) is completed. The data gets fully adjusted in the database of the university, so that the self-chosen name will prospectively appear on the student ID, in the email address, in all student records and on certificates.

Requirements for changing the data are:

  • The application for the change of name has already been submitted at the local court.
  • The supplement ID of the German Association for Trans identity and Intersexuality (dgti) exists
  • The applying person propounds via written statement that the new gender and the new, chosen name may be used irrevocable by the university.

A corresponding application occurs at the admissions office (Immatrikulationsamt). For the written statement a form is available at the admissions office. The issuance of the new student ID is due to an one-time fee in the amount of 10,30€.

If you experience any problems regarding the changing of your data at the university feel free to contact the Office for the Prevention of Discrimination and sexual Harassment confidentially.

What is a dgti-supplement ID and how to get it?

As long as the personal status of trans* students is not officially changed yet, there is a discrepancy between the gender identity and the official documents such as the identity card. This leads to disarray, difficulties and problems with everyday situations, if people have to identify themselves.

The dgti supplement ID includes all self-chosen personal data, as well as a current passport photo, so that there is no mismatch remaining between the official papers and the individual. Its trilingualism in German, English and French enables the usage for international travel as well. Reports on the supplement ID have been for the most part very positive. The usual need to provide explanation, which comes together with disarrays, ends. A QR-Code on the ID leads to a text on the website of the dgti and provides authorities and other institutions with information on the function of the supplement ID and thereby increases its practicability. Depending on your needs, the aforementioned text can also be printed and taken along. All interior ministries, the federal ministry, as well as various other German authorities, ministries, organizations and associations are aware of the dgti supplement ID.

You can apply online    for the ID. A current passport photo and a completed application form are necessary. Furthermore, a service fee in the amount of 19,90€ must be paid. the processing time takes about 4-6 weeks. You can find additional information on the website of the dgti   .

Studieren mit dem Personenstand "divers"

Das Bewerbungsportal für Studieninteressierte sieht die Möglichkeit vor, bei Geschlecht „divers“ auszuwählen. Bei der Immatrikulation wird kein Nachweis für diesen Eintrag verlangt, hier soll wie bei männlichen und weiblichen Studierenden verfahren werden, die ihr Geschlecht auch nicht nachweisen müssen. Genderneutral sollen nach und nach sämtliche Dokumente – vom Merkblatt bis zum Abschlusszeugnis – werden, in denen auf die Anrede „Herr / Frau“ verzichtet werden soll.

Unterstützung bei Problemen bezüglich der Namens- und Personenstandsänderung

Sollten Sie Probleme im Zusammenhang mit Ihrer Namens- und  Personenstandsänderung an der Universität haben, können Sie sich  vertraulich an die Präventionsstelle Diskriminierung und sexuelle Belästigung wenden.