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Wichtige Dokumente zum Diskriminierungsschutz an der MLU

On this page you will find important documents regarding discrimination protection and diversity management at the University of Halle. In the following you will find internal university documents as well as external documents.


Basic Regulations of the MLU

In its basic regulations of 19.01.2022, § 2 states that no one may be discriminated against in the university or in access to its services because of gender, age, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, because of a disability or chronic illness, because of social situation or origin, for political, religious, ideological, racist or other reasons equivalent to those mentioned.

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MLU Diversity Statement

MLU Diversity Statement

In its official Diversity Statement, Halle University is committed to promoting diversity and protecting against discrimination. The statement was adopted by the Academic Senate in its meeting on 14.04.2021.

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Dienstvereinbarung Mobbing

MLU Service agreement mobbing

The Service Agreement on Bullying dated 12.11.2020 regulates the procedures, rights and obligations for protection against bullying in the workplace.

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Leitbild Gleichstellung

MLU Mission Statement Equal Opportunity

Mission statement of the equal opportunity strategies of the University of Halle to establish gender equality and family friendliness.

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MLU Antidiscrimination Policy

The University Policy on Protection against Discrimination, (Sexual) Harassment and Violence has been in force since October 2015 and regulates the procedures, rights and obligations for protection against discrimination, (sexual) harassment and violence.

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MLU Administrative procedure student misconduct

MLU Administrative procedure student misconduct

The University Regulations on Administrative Procedures for Student Violence, Threats, and Sexual Harassment have been in effect since July 11, 2012, and outline the procedures to be followed in cases of student violence, threats, or sexual harassment. In the spring of 2023, the regulations were updated.

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Inclusion Agreement of MLU

In spring 2022, an inclusion agreement was concluded between MLU, the Staff Council, the Representative Council for Severely Disabled Persons, the Youth and Trainee Representative Council and the Student Council in accordance with Section 166 of the German Social Code Book Nine (SGB IX).

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To the fact sheet (German)

Fact sheet of the Seminar for Philosophy of the MLU

In 2016, MLU's Department of Philosophy published a fact sheet on how to handle conflict or inappropriate behavior.

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Hochschulgesetz des Landes-Sachsen-Anhalt    

Higher Education Act of the State of Saxony-Anhalt

The Higher Education Act of the State of Saxony-Anhalt, as amended by the announcement of July 1, 2021, defines in paragraph 3(4) as the task of universities to ensure discrimination-free study and professional or scientific activity and to work within their means to reduce existing disadvantages.

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Website DFG    

DFG's Research-Oriented Gender Equality and Diversity Standards

The DFG's Research-Oriented Gender Equality and Diversity Standards define personnel and structural standards for sustainable gender equality and the promotion of diversity in the science and higher education landscape.

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